christmas vegas

Over the holidays, pretty much on a whim, I decided to take a trip to Las Vegas. I had a four day gap between when a lot of my friends were leaving town and when I had to be in my parents in Vancouver, so I thought “hey, why not”! I booked a very cheap last minute flight and was on my way…

When I examined and showed up into the hotel, I invested a couple of minutes to unwind and collect my ideas. It didn’t take long for me to realize I just wanted to have the old-fashioned Vegas experience. Then I signed up for a gambling credit card and got a discount rate at a widely known casino without having initially to play the slot devices. By this time, I was quickly starting to enjoy my low-priced holiday.

I invested the bulk of the next day inspecting and strolling the strip. I went from bar to bar to strip club to casino to bar, and had a hell of a time in the city. I went to all the “lesser known” venues, so it really didn’t end up being too expensive. Although, I must point out that while spreading out the vacation joy, I am sure I helped the City of Las Vegas┬ámarketing objectives as a visitor investing some vacation cash while checking out the gambling establishments.

At any rate, my low expense, budget plan, trip was among the very best experiences that I have actually had in Las Vegas. If you are looking to get out of the normal holiday routine and attempt to keep some peace of mind throughout the Vacation Season, I would advise a journey to Las Vegas.

Happy new year to all my readers. I hope to take a lot more trips this year and write about them all!

Cheers ­čÖé