limo bachelor party ottawa

I can’t say I travelled very far for this trip, but it was a blast, so l’m going to blog about it! One of my best friends, Arnold, recently took the plunge and decided to get married, so of course a bachelor party was order and it was up to me to help plan it. Because he couldn’t travel very far due to work, we decided to go with a bachelor party limo rental service in Ottawa.

I’ve never planned a bachelor party before, so I did quite a bit of internet searching before deciding what route to take. The limo company we decided to go with said they specialized in bachelor parties and their drivers know all the good spots to go in Ottawa. This sounded perfect, but I always make sure to do plenty of research online before I buy or commit to anything so I did the same with this. The company checked out with good reviews including on Yelp – – so we booked our night out.

There were 8 of us, so we decided to go with the Lincoln town car stretch limo. I’m not a “car guy” per se, but I have to say this was a beautiful vehicle. It was also plenty spacious for 8 people. We got picked up at my buddy’s place in Whitehaven and started our journey.

The plan was to start the night out with dinner and some drinks. We were ready to go with the flow for the night so we asked our driver to recommend a restaurant. He was high on the Crazy Horse Steakhouse, so I did a quick google check to make sure he wasn’t plain high with this suggestion and it checked out with great reviews. It didn’t disappoint as they had massive delicious steak, great drinks, and solid scenery for a bachelor party crew.

We got fairly lubed up there and then were really ready to get the party started. We got back in the limo, got my buddy’s music pumping in the limo and started doing shots as the driver took us to the Barefax Strip Club for the next chapter of the trip. No need to go into details, but it was a standard fun strip club experience and we even got my buddy up on stage.

Our driver was ready for us when we left and we decided instead of ending the night there that we would try our luck gambling, so we headed to the Casino in Gatineau. The limo driver was very accommodating and didn’t mind that we extended our trip. He also had no complaints about our rowdiness.

Amazingly the bachelor won $600 at the casino playing a Chinese dice game called Sic Bo, which was a perfect cap to the night. For not leaving the city, the party went swimmingly. I’d recommend the limo – dinner – strip club – casino combo for anyone trying to stay local and still have a great time.